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Summer, Summer Time

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When asked my favorite season, it's always been a no-brainer question. I've never, ever toggled back and forth between seasons, I've never had another favorite. It's summer. It always has been and it always will be: summer.

I'm not a fan of the cold. I prefer the heat. I prefer being outside and enjoying the sunshine than cooped up indoors.

I'm not a crazy sports fan (we don't have a tv), but I love baseball season and the fact that on any random night we can go catch a game.

I love the lake (Tahoe) and spending my days on the beach and in the water.

I love all of the summertime activities that involve being outside, like nightly dog walks, camping, hiking, park picnics bike rides...the list is endless!

Friends, summer is so beautiful. I'm a plant/flower girl all the way, and I just love summertime trees and flowers. 

I love the long days -- backyard barbecues that are lit by the sun until nine pm and then twinkly string lights after that.

Summer is such a spontaneous season for us. One filled with all sorts of "why not's" and "heck yes's". I love that. I love our road trips and exploration days!

Am I in the minority or majority? What's your favorite season + why?

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Behind the Name: SWF

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Blog names are always so fun to learn about. Everyone has a special meaning or reasoning behind the names of their blogs, and mine is no exception. I've had countless emails that have inquired about whether or not "she who fears" is meant as a literal, physical fear or anxiety. While yes, I have dealt with anxiety, and yes, I do have legitimate fears, no -- neither of those are why I named my blog what I did. 

For those of you that aren't aware, I actually have an entire page on this blog about why I named my blog what I did (okay, so maybe it's really only like half of the page). For the sake of not being too repetitive, I'll keep this post mega short, but I encourage you to go an check that out for more of the heart behind it all.

"Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised." - Proverbs 31:30

"the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom" - Proverbs 9:10

Among many other verses, we are taught that a healthy fear of the Lord is a good thing! It is my desire for this space to be a place where that reverence is cultivated; where it can grow and flourish. Where us women can learn from and lean on each other as we desire to seek and glorify God.


What's the story behind your blog's name? Link up + share below!

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Currently || Style

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plaid || tank || tall boots || white top || cozy cardi || high tops

flats || 3/4 sleeve thermal || chambray button-up

plum sweater || midi skirt || booties

So lately I've been thinking a lot about style. How convenient that it's today's prompt!

Have any of you heard of the capsule wardrobe concept? I had read a lot about people doing it, but I never looked into it. Until a few weeks ago. I have been feeling like I was wearing the same things over and over and just wasn't really enjoying my wardrobe and then pinterest came along and reminded me of this capsule thingy.

So, I got down to business. I started by creating a pinterest board to serve as my place for new wardrobe pieces and building my capsule. Next, I went to my closet and sorted it out: donate, sell, give, keep. I ended up hosting an auction on Instagram and made close to $250! Crazy to think that all these clothes I never wore would make a happy home in someone else's closet, eh? Now, I'm working on slowly bringing in new pieces and making sure that they fit well, are versatile, and that I absolutely love them!

However, there's a catch. I would also love to build my capsule wardrobe ethically. (Which, by the way, is way harder to do than I thought it would be!) This means I'm either spending a little more for the shirt that's made up to ethical standards or buying pre-loved pieces that might otherwise be thrown out. Would definitely love to hear some of your favorite brands to shop in the comments!

Anywho, I feel like my style has generally stayed the same over the years and that maybe it changes a little from season to season. Above are some of my current fall "crushes". If you want to, head on over to my capsule pinterest board, or even my pre-capsule, general style pinterest board to see more of what I like! 

What's your style? Are you a "capsuler"? What are your fave ethical brands? Share below!

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Currently || Music

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I know, I know. So many genres of music. But that's what happens when I shuffle. 

If you haven't already guessed it, today's Blogtember Challenge prompt was to put your music player on shuffle and share the first ten songs that played. For your ease of use, I've made a pinnable image and embedded a playlist in case you have any interest in either of those things ;)

Are you familiar with any of these songs or artists? What do you typically jam to? Share below or link up and let me know!

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My Passion

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Today's prompt took more consideration than I thought that it was going to. When asked, "What are you passionate about?" The answer comes easy to me: I am passionate about Jesus. 

Passionate is an adjective that is defined as "having, compelled by, or ruled by an intense emotion or strong feeling; fervid." And when Jesus is what is ruling and compelling you, your life is driven in a very specific way. My love and desire for God trickles down into each area of my life and reveals other, meaningful things that I am very much passionate about.

I am passionate about Godly living. I desire to life a life unto the Lord. I want to abide in Jesus wholly -- in His Law and His Grace -- and finish the race strong. I await with eagerness the day that I hear from my Lord, "Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much. Enter into the joy of your master" (Matthew 25: 14-30).

I am passionate about being a wife. I absolutely love marriage and all that it has taught and continues to teach me. I love sharing the joy and wisdom I have with others and most importantly, I love serving and caring for my sweet, sweet husband- the head of my home and lover of my soul.

I am passionate about being a fierce mother. This, I am still learning, but it definitely drives me. I love the role of motherhood and all that it takes to raise a little child. I have always loved, loved kids and it's so much more intense when they're your own! I pray for many little babes to fill our house with all of the love and joy that children bring. I hope that I will continue to bloom in this new role that I have been called to and that our children would flourish by the grace of God.

According to Miles, I am also passionate about new things and adventure -- which I can totally see! Two months after getting married, Miles and I moved a thousand miles from all that we knew to do life in Wyoming. New. Adventure! Haha, I think that I'm mostly just excited about doing all that I can while I am here on this earth. I don't want the word "no" to rule our lives, and I want to learn to make the best of every situation. I want to make decisions from knowledge and experience and not count things (like moving away or trying new food, etc.) out just because they're different. Rather, I aim to embrace new things and live a very full life.

what drives you? Do we have similar passions?

comment below and link up with us!

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She Who Fears Mood Board

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So here it is: a mood board for SWF. What do you think? I think it's a little busy, which is not what I was going for, but I also think it describes my blog and I had a fun time making it for sure!

lovely things: flowers || me! || watercolor (stay tuned for some printables) || coffee

bub || authenticity + community (those are my bff's boots with mine)

succulents, duh || Jesus || marriage

How would you describe this space? I'd love your feedback!

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Describe Your Ideal Day

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After Saturday morning cuddles with Miles and Mattheus, I think that I'd enjoy waking up to french toast bed. With a French press of Blue Copper's coffee. There would be fresh fruit, too. Maybe some James Vincent spinning in the background? Sure, why not. 

After that, I'd probably enjoy a lake day at Tahoe. We'd bring the dogs and it would be just us on the beach, relaxing. This would be a mid-late August day so it's just hot enough that you'd actually want to swim but not so scorching that if you didn't, sitting on the beach is unbearable. 

We'd transition from lying on the beach to playing fetch and swimming with the dogs. I think we'd eat In-N-Out for lunch; I'd drink Dr.Pepper and Miles would have a diet coke. Mattheus would just nurse ;) . Somehow, the In-N-Out would be fresh, even though there isn't one in Tahoe. Oh my, the fries. So yum. Much good.

After a full day in the sun, we would head home, leave everything to be unpacked later, shower, and change into sweats and jammies.  

I can't decide if we'd have Wild Garlic pizza or pud Thai so we'd just get both delivered. As we eat dinner in bed, we'd watch some hilarious new movie on the computer and laugh ceaselessly. 

By the time the movie finished, Mattheus would be asleep so Miles and I would eat icecream and foot cuddle and talk about life and probably quote the movie we just watched.  

Maybe it would end with a massage from the hub and a eucalyptus spearmint candle from bed bath and body works lit nearby (they're so yummy).

My dream day would be filled with my family and tons of laughter. Miles and I wouldn't feel stressed about a single thing and we'd just enjoy our little family.  

What at would your dream day be like? Full of friends or maybe a day to yourself at the spa? Link up with us for the Blogtember Challenge! 

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