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Best Day Ever

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So, that thing called life? It happened this past week. Blogging every day is hard, but I guess that's why this is called a challenge, right? Last week I hung out with friends lots of friends, started working out, and finished creating my 101 in 1,001 list. Yay! But today I'm back to tell you all about my favorite day ever for the #blogtemberchallenge and I'm afraid that it's a tie! 

+ Day one: Wedding Day

This was no doubt, one of the best days of my life. It was a day that changed everything. I wouldn't have changed anything about my wedding day: a simple, woods elopement. If I could re-marry Miles every day of my life, I would. And in a sense, I do. I get to say yes to marriage and celebrating it every single day, and it's the greatest. If you'd like, I have a whole page of my blog dedicated to this day. We have a pretty sweet video that still makes me cry.

Actually, just because I think it's so great, I'll put it right here for you to enjoy before reading on about my other favorite day ever.

Pretty sweet, right?

+ Day two: Birth of Mattheus

Now, don't get me wrong, this day was also pretty awful. As a matter of fact, from midnight until 2:30ish when Mattheus was actually born were basically the hardest hours of my life. No doubt. But. The amount of love and support I received from Miles during those painfully long hours was seriously unreal. I couldn't have done it without him. AND what a treat to get to cuddle in bed with my husband and sweet baby all day long after that. I am so in love with my two dudes. They both bring me immeasurable joy, even on hard days. 


For those of you that don't know, I had a home birth, and I wrote about it [in a seriously long blog post] here, which you are also more than welcome to check out if you're into that. Let me forewarn you, though: I was brutally honest throughout.

And you? Can you pick out the best day of your life?

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Cyber Jordyn

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Blogtember Prompt: The real you vs. the online you. Are they the same or different?

They're the same.

I try to be as open, honest, and genuine as possible here and everywhere else I engage. Sometimes I think that this can be a bit much, especially lately as I share about all the lovely things happening to me post part, but I know that I really appreciate genuine online voices and so I'd like to do the same. 

It worries me that my life might be portrayed a lot differently than it truly is though, to a reader. Because despite what anyone might believe, I do not have it all together, and quite frankly, sometimes I still cry for no reason but to cry. I am also semi afraid of the dark. So there's that. But in all reality, I have found that I tend to mostly share the happier snippets of my life on social media and so you aren't getting clued in on all of the "I don't think I can make it another minute" moments that are happening over here.

Two women that have encouraged me so much lately in how they engage with social media are Rachel and Valerie. You should follow both of them on insta. I really hope that I can engage, love, and encourage my followers the way that they are able to, because they truly do it so well.

And you? Are you pretty steady or a little more bipolar than you'd like to admit? 

Who have you portrayed me as? What kind of life have I led you to believe I lead?

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What's in my bag?

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Well howdy doodee folks! My deepest apologies for already falling off of the Blogtember bandwagon! This past weekend ended up being a little bit crazier than intended and I had exactly negative five minutes to sit down and blog. In other words: I hangout with my family and friends from the minute I opened my eyes until I closed them and that was way worth it. I hope you had a fab weekend, too!

I'm pretty pumped to hop back in for today's prompt: what's in your bag? I think that it always says a lot about people to check in their purses and I am pretty sure that what's in mine will reveal a lot, too. 

So, I used to carry a wonderful canvas + leather cross body that Miles gifted me, and then a smaller Noonday cross body after that....but now, I carry...

A diaper bag! Woo!

It's just not practical to carry both a purse and diaper bag so I consolidated to just one, and here's what's inside:

+ An Aden + Anais swaddle in case cold weather strikes!

+ A burp rag - ugh

+ A few extra diapers in the form of one shell and two soakers

+ A binky -- even though Mattheus never takes it! Haha

+ Some wipes and solution - holla for savin motha nature

+ A wet bag to store dirty diapers until we get home

+ Changing pad (came with bag)

+ An extra onesie - that is actually too small for Bub now. Good thing I pulled this out haha

+ A pair of baby sweats

+ Approximately one million pairs of baby socks

+ Hand Sanitizer because we have to care about germs now

+ A carseat/nursing cover - best thing ever!

+ Chapstick - because chapped lips are never fun

+ My wallet -- I know, it's amazing. My best friend gifted it to me a few birthdays back!

+ Bug spray (I'm allergic to mosquitoes)

+ Gum - bad breath is never okay

+ Almost empty water bottle

What are the staples of your bag? Link up with us!

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Currently || September

Jordyn BrazilComment

Reading || 1 Chronicles. I have been forever, and I hope to finish in the next day or so. 

Playing || around with the idea of rearranging our living room. For the third time this month..

Watching || Mattheus work so hard at trying to eat his fist!

Trying || to finish up my 101 in 1,001 list — so fun!

Cooking || well, I’ve been making lots of tuna lately. So easy to prep and then eat all week!

Eating || Cocoa Pebbles with coconut milk. Go ahead, judge me! 

Drinking || Water, like it’s going out of style! But wishing we had some coffee in this house!

Calling || Haha! I avoid phone calls as much as possible.

Texting || Miles, to figure out how long class will be today.

Pinning || Is everything an acceptable answer? Baby stuff, home decor, clothes, food…you name it!

Tweeting || I need to step up my tweet game. What do you tweet about?

Going || to a graduation party in a little bit! Our friend became an officer last week!

Loving || Mattheus’ sweet giggles. They’re rare, but when they happen, my heart totally melts.

Hating || that Summer is almost over. I just wanna live at the beach.

Discovering || that there is so much fun stuff I wanna do! This 101 in 1,001 list is

Thinking || about disagreements.

Feeling || Loved and protected by Jesus and my husband.

Hoping (for) || a relaxing and disconnected weekend.

Listening (to) || My Current Spotify playlist

Celebrating || The fact that it’s the weekend! Holla!

Smelling || kind of gross, but milk. I totally need a shower…tmi? Haha

Ordering || Mattheus’ baby book! So excited to show you guys what I got! And plants. This home needs some plants

Thanking || My husband. For his gracious guidance and protective wisdom. Also for working so very hard so that I am able to be a stay at home momma. I love this man so, so much.

Considering || where + how we can get a getaway soon.

Starting || workouts + macro counting on MONDAY. Woo.

Finishing || up all the junk food because I need to get it together come Monday.

What are you up to right now?

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A Friday Night IN

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This is sort of a funny prompt, because by the time Friday rolls around I'm usually itching to get out of the house with the husband and babe! But, for your enjoyment, here's Blogtember day 11:

It's a Friday night and you decide to stay in. What do you do?

After Miles came home from work, we'd probably make something yummy for dinner, assuming we had planned on staying in. During the summer months we usually go out on Fridays because it's Food Truck Friday at the park. I'm thinking that we'd get down on some steak and asparagus or burgers and sweet potato fries.

We don't own a tv or anything so we're really not the kind of people to stay in. I'm gonna break the rules here, but we're taking the dogs on a walk. That, or going on a bike ride. For the sake of the prompt, we won't go anywhere in particular. We'd just walk/ride until it got dark and return home.

Around 8:45 we'd put Mattheus down so maybe before then we'd give him a bath (both bub and dad love bath time). And once he was asleep, Miles and I might return to the couches for some cuddling and decompressing after a long week. We'd probably talk and pray for a bit but then get ready for bed not too long after. Miles has a Saturday class so we're adjusting to that accordingly by getting adequate rest!

How do you celebrate Friday nights in?

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A Bucket List

Jordyn BrazilComment

I would consider myself a pretty "list-y" person, so it seemed a little strange that I wasn't prepared for today's "10 off of your bucket list prompt". Nevertheless, I thought long and hard and here are some of my items:

+ Hang my dream gallery wall. This one will be so simple. There's a long wall behind our long couch and I just want like 6 18x24" prints in a straight line. I have the printer and the paper and the photos. I literally just need frames.

+ Start Bub’s baby book. I have a million photos of him and I've been journaling in a "Mom's One Line a Day" book so I think this will be easy as well. I love shuffling through the albums my mom made for me, and so I'd like to start Mattheus' sooner than later.

+ Reduce waste by switching to cloth everything. We already use cloth diapers but recently I found out about cloth "unhappier towels" and using "family cloth" wipes. Plus the whole cloth pads for the most unfortunate time of the month. I was thinking of trying out a pair or two of THINX undies. Have you? Basically, I'm all about saving money and reducing this family's waste any way that I can. Shoutout to the planet!

+ Have a successful veggie & herb garden (+ composter!) I've always put off this desire because we rent, but I'm thinking that this fall/winter I can create a few raised garden beds and come spring I can plant! If we move, I can always take them with us!

+ Create a 101 in 1001 list. Making this bucket list makes me realize how many fun things I'd like to do and the concept of 101 things in 1,001 days makes me think I'd have to get to doing the things.

+ Memorize the Westminster Shorter Catechism with Bub and Hub. I would love to possess all of this knowledge. For real. And to share it with my family would be awesome.

+ Travel somewhere tropical and beachy and get tan! I love LOVE the beach. It's been way too long since I vacationed, and Miles and I never took a honeymoon. Where are your favorite beachy destinations? 

+ Read my Bible once a year for ten years. A pastor once said he did this and I thought it was the coolest thing. He said that there was always something new for him to read since the Word is Living and Active and I can only imagine all that He must know to be true about God. 

+ Have a succulent garden. I've been propagating like a mad woman and I honestly don't know what I'll do with all of these succu-babies once they're ready to plant. This house has such a perfect little planter out in the front yard on our porch, but I'm terrified the cats (feral neighborhood pests) would destroy them (they've already ruined four of my favorites). And then there's that whole "if we move" factor.

+ Become a barber. This has been a dream of mine for a little while but there isn't a barber school here in Reno. The closest and best one I know of is in SLC and it's not like I can just leave my family and go to school for six months. I love being a mom. I think the only way I could do it would be to do part time evenings or something. But. Again, I love being a mom. Maybe once all of the kids are out of the house!

what's on your bucket list? 

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Dear, Me

Jordyn BrazilComment

Hey, You.

You brilliant, stubborn girl. I see you. I know you. Heck, I am you.

There are so many things I want to tell you to do differently, and to try harder at, but where you are now is absolutely remarkable and I wouldn't want it to be any other way. Let me let you in on a few things:

+ You're wrong about God. He does exist and sometime this year He's going to soften your heart. You will worship Him for the remainder of your life.

+ Ugh, that senior boy you're dating right now? I wish you had never given him the time of day. He never deserved a girl like you and you stuck around way too long. He's a jerk. He'll hurt you pretty bad more than once, but you will keep letting him come back, until you don't. He will come over and beg for you to give him another chance and you'll finally let him know that you really just have no desire to be with him. (Praise Jesus for this revelation!)

+ Don't be so hard on your mom. She really does just care about you, even though she's difficult at times.

+ Make more of an effort with your dad. You will drift even further apart than you are now, and it will make you sad every single day. Literally. Turn things around now. 

+ Stop being so lazy in school. You love learning. You love challenge. Stop. Being. So. Lazy. You will go on to switch schools your sophomore year and graduate high school at a college. You will get some college credits while you're in high school, but you won't graduate with your associates, like you had hoped. You got too indecisive and then you didn't work hard enough. You will graduate and you won't use the scholarship you earned to go back. Your family will be disappointed. Now we just say, oh well.

+ That dreamy guy you met this year? I know you know who I'm talking about. Miles? Yeah, you're gonna marry him. Before you graduate high school. Trust me, we thought it was crazy, too. But you two will marry and it's going to be the best, most sanctifying thing ever. And spoiler alert: he just gets dreamier + dreamier with each day. You lucky girl, you. You married a gem. 

+ You will move to Wyoming and mostly, you will hate it. The winters are long and cold and that's just not your thing. But when you move back to Reno you will miss it. Whatever, haha.

+ A few years down the road, you and Miles will have your first baby, a son. He will change your whole life. It will be so hard, but so rewarding and every day you will love him more and more. I think that we will figure out mom-hood soon enough (I hope).

+ You're really crunchy now. Like by the book, Urban Dictionary definition plus a little extra. 

+ Oh, and you're still obsessed with plants. Not so much elephants.

You're about to deal with a lot in the next few years, girlfriend. But hey. You make it through and you come out stronger for it. Not much that you care about now will matter in a couple months or years so just cling to Jesus and pursue Him. Read your dang Bible and get to know the God you worship. He's all that matters, and He has a pretty sweet plan for the rest of your life.


Hang in there,

- An Older, Wiser You

Just for fun, here's me! At sixteen! I was challenging Daniel Tosh (from Tosh.0) to a v-neck challenge at the time...which He never took me up on. Ha!

Just for fun, here's me! At sixteen! I was challenging Daniel Tosh (from Tosh.0) to a v-neck challenge at the time...which He never took me up on. Ha!

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